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There are lots of places where you can be trained, but only one place distinguishes for the excellence level that it is required to prepare IELTS Buenos Aires, without any doubt the most demanding of the world, this is an essential requirement for being admitted in the most renowned international universities and more than 8.000 companies and professional organizations that accept their results.

We really make a difference in the training for the IELTS exams through a unique study proposal, updated, in charge of highly trained professionals. We are convinced and we know that the constant perfection of the academic development always has to be aimed to your needs within a structure that integrates the educational excellence with the enthusiasm, the creativity and commitment.

We don’t suggest you to learn english, we teach you how to live it as an enriching and unique experience that will open a lot of possibilities for your future obtaining wonderful results in your examinations.

We are the most qualified place to prepare you in all the areas that this rigorous exam includes: listening comprehension, reading, writing and speaking. We have successfully prepared more than 500 students for the IELTS Buenos Aires exam; always thinking that the quality of the education is obtained by applying the appropriate methodology for each student. This guarantees your knowledge to improve significantly, gaining confidence and allowing you to be trained according to your potential and your expectations, for example, to present your exams IELTS Australia, as it also has to do with the emigration process.

A brilliant future requires commitment and persistence, but also motivation and enthusiasm, something that we consider a really educational philosophy that will allow you to face the exams with security or, to mention another of the most important of the world, IELTS Australia, that together with the University of Cambridge organizes the international criterion that rule over these strict examinations.

Thanks Silvia Sapia for everything !! Fortunatly I passed the TOEFL and I will travel to Los Angeles with CAMPSA !! The TOEFL is difficult but Silvia gave me more exercise to study. I stayed in her house so many days hahaha. Thanks thanks thanks !! The best teacher ever !!

Jordan Elias

I prepared TOEFL in just one month with Silvia in order to get a scholarship in the United States and I archieve my goals. I did not only learn and improve my english, I also enjoy being there with other students. Besides Silvia and Agostina are the best, they know exactly how to train every student.

Maxi Martinez

Hay cientos de profesoras de ingles, pero la clave esta en como enseñarle al estudiante , trabajando con la metodologia correcta para alcanzar los objetivos deseados. Silvia ama lo que hace como poca gente que conocí…puede ser un examen o simplemente aprender ingles…ella va a hacer lo que sea hasta que aprendas.

Jean Pierre Jesses


Your ticket to travel overseas

Without any doubt we are the best place to prepare your TOEFL Buenos Aires, decisive for many reasons; amongst them, as a guarantee of prestige for all those who would like to develop professionally in establishments from abroad or to continue their studies abroad, but also as a relevant data in any local resume, since this are exams that have national validity.

Because of our experience, dedication and the added value of an updated study proposal in charge of professionals that always respect your needs, its years since we make the difference in the training of these difficult examinations, giving you all the tools needed to surpass this challenge.

In order to reach your goals it is necessary for you to be perseverance and committed, but also to have enthusiasm and motivation, some ingredients that are part of the training philosophy that distinguishes us from the rest in all training criterion of TOEFL: without old structures, without strict methods that do not contemplate the needs of the students.

If TOEFL Buenos Aires exam is your immediate goal it is vital to be prepared with the bests. During these years we have trained with success more than 500 students, always applying the most adequate methodology for each student.

TOEFL exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language) grades with accuracy your real knowledge of american English, although it is also accepted by hundred of universities around the world. It was designed specifically for no native speakers and it marks are only valid for two years, past that period of time you will have to take the exam again to renew its validity. That is the reason why it is important to have an updated course of study that includes new criterions of the Educational Testing Service (ETS), non-profit international organization which diagram and manage the exams.

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