Training IELTS Courses in Buenos Aires

The IELTS Training is essential to overcome with success this kind of examinations, well-known by their level of difficulty and thoroughness.

Not only by the teacher excellent academic background but also by her love and understanding of the English language no other place can offer you the same level of excellence, determination and commitment.

There is a strong difference between learning and training. Training must consider your personal goals, projects, but also your time; and considering that we may design a personalized model that includes all these matters.

Teaching methods have changed during the years. Old models, built over rigid and sometimes inflexible bases did not realize that for an adequate training you needed to meet academic excellence and educative philosophy since each student is unique, different and with particular abilities and difficulties that cannot be generalized in only one model.

This is why we consider that IELTS Training Buenos Aires requires multiple elements working in perfect harmony. The preparation, training, and formation are very important elements to consider, but the real result is obtained by working simultaneously with encouragement, enthusiasm and the devotion of each student that wants to sign onto the challenge of surpass their own limits.

Unfortunately, old educational models are still being used. Many students look for IELTS Training Buenos Aires without considering that their own goals don’t adjust those old and visibly inefficient programs.

We stand out by a large experience combined with a traditional treatment of teaching, not only to teach you English but to make it yours.


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Thanks Silvia Sapia for everything !! Fortunatly I passed the TOEFL and I will travel to Los Angeles with CAMPSA !!

Jordan Elias

I prepared TOEFL in just one month with Silvia in order to get a scholarship in the United States and I archieve my goals.

Maxi Martinez

Hay cientos de profesoras de ingles, pero la clave esta en como enseñarle al estudiante , trabajando con la metodologia correcta para alcanzar los objetivos deseados.

Jean Pierre Jesses
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