TOEFL course preparation in Buenos Aires

Its years since we have the honor of offering the best TOEFL Course in Buenos Aires, which is a big responsibility of what we are very proud. But, just as you, we like challenges, that is why we are constantly updating to offer you the resources that you will need to succeed in your examinations.

For this reason we insist on the importance of developing new ways of training, preparing our students in every ground and examination criteria that are included in the different sections of TOEFL. No other course of study has the same experience, reliability and updated teaching tendencies, both essential in order to obtain an excellence mark in these hard exams.

Hundred of students that passed these exams are the most trusted source that our training TOEFL courses in Buenos Aires really work.

Which is the secret? Dedication and devotion to what we do. Being present in every detail, that is what makes the difference in these difficult exams, working jointly with your capacity of understanding English at all levels, and we can achieve that only combining your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills through a personalized, different and flexible training, which adapts to your needs.

The first step to reach your goals is in general simple, but also the most important: choose our professionals, especially if you look for an added value that really makes the difference in your training. Don’t commit your future with old methods. The success of our method is based in a training excellence in the use and understanding of english in a level that you have never imagine.


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Thanks Silvia Sapia for everything !! Fortunatly I passed the TOEFL and I will travel to Los Angeles with CAMPSA !!

Jordan Elias

I prepared TOEFL in just one month with Silvia in order to get a scholarship in the United States and I archieve my goals.

Maxi Martinez

Hay cientos de profesoras de ingles, pero la clave esta en como enseñarle al estudiante , trabajando con la metodologia correcta para alcanzar los objetivos deseados.

Jean Pierre Jesses
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  • Training TOEFL Courses Buenos Aires
  • TOEFL Course in Buenos Aires
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